How To Make Time Lapse Video

If you have a batch of photos and you just want to do this ONCE, skip most of this page and go straight to the jpgMovie tutorial which will show you how to do it.


If you have a webcam and it's taking photos every 30 seconds or so and auto-ftp-ing them to your website, read-on.

There are a couple of ways to generate a video from this stash of photos.

But what are they ?
How do you do it ?

Option 1 - Manually
This is not the recommended way


You can do it yourself manually.
Every day.
By crunching JPG files into MP4 video using something like "mencoder"

- mencoder will use every spare bit of memory in sight and runs the risk of getting your site banned by your hosting company (unless you are on a dedicated server).

- This is very time consuming, error prone and tedious.

- Once or twice is ok, but making a time lapse video his way, on a regular basis, is no fun at all.

Option 2 - Automate it
You can purchase a suite of customized PHP scripts from us that auto-file your images for you AND auto-create time lapse video from those images.

- Typical cost is around $100.

Our scripts can also be tuned to auto-reduce the dimensions AND/OR quality of your images (or copied of your images) so that you use less bandwidth when your customers are viewing the time lapse video on your website.

Our scripts also make it easy for you to pull out a cool snippet from your day's photos (e.g. tornadoes, thunderstorms, fires, accidents) and make a time lapse video specifically for that event.

Our scripts can also make you a variety of dimensioned movies so you can use them in different ways (e.g. one web page for desktop browsers, another for iPhone/iPod/Android devices etc).

Most people have their webcam configured to upload photos during the pre-dawn to post-dusk period of every day. And let's face it some of that dark-time is just plain boring. Our scripts can be "tuned" to your photo feed so no dark hours make it into your video.

For around $100, you can have it all - customized for your photos/location and time lapse video requirements.

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