Think of your presentation of a jpg based movie as being in two parts:
1. The movie itself (similar to a DVD)
2. The movie player (similar to a TV)

If you put a DVD into a simple looking TV it will play the movie, if you put that same DVD into a fancier TV it will also play the movie but the experience might be a little different.

We have a variety of jpgMovie players.
Any of them can be used to play your movie.

Some of the movie players offer very similar functionality but allow you to calculate how much space the player will take on your web page and/or what features you want the viewing public of your movie to have.

Flexible Player:

Flexible Player with Slider Feature:

Flexible Player playing a movie with smaller dimensions:
Circular Player:

Small Circular Player:
Narrow Player:

Small Narrow Player:
See Also: Rotating Image Banner Player (with no borders and no jQuery overhead)
We can build you a custom movie player for you
with the appearance and features you need for your website.

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We can also customize a movie editor for you
specific to your site / photos

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